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STAMP COLLECTING FOR KIDS or young at heart folks.

As suggested by Alex Moore age 14 from Nova Scotia Aug 2016

President Steve Melanson 
exhibiting his Stamp Albums 
for parents and children.
Cloverdale Collectors event

Stamp Collecting For Kids

Kids can become philatelists, too, and begin studying and collecting stamps. If you have a fascination in a certain subject, such as a country or an animal, you might build a stamp collection around your interest. You could begin collecting stamps with dogs or horses on them. Stamps can also teach you about history because they represent people and places of the past. To explore the world of stamp collecting and learn more about it, visit the library to read collecting books. You can also visit the post office to look at commemorative stamps available. Commemorative stamps are special stamps released to honor events, people, and places. Stamp clubs and stamp shows are other ways you can learn about this hobby.


The Bluenose stamp. one of the most beautiful stamps of it's era
Small Heading
The Three Dollar Jubilee
Cataloge value MNH VF $6000.00
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